Advice to Stallholders

Thank you for coming to the Codsall Christmas Fair 2021. Here are few notes to help to make sure everything goes well for you

Location and size of stalls

As in previous years, most stalls will be located:

Both rows of stalls will back onto the shrubs and rails separating Station Road from the slip road.

There are no specific restrictions on the shape of your stall but we need to have at least 2.5 metres road width in front of each row of stalls to allow access for emergency service vehicles and 1 metre space between the stalls to allow easy access. This means stalls should be no more than 3.0 metres deep or wide without prior arrangement with the organisers.


You must provide your own tables and, in view of the time of year, we suggested that your stall is covered by a gazebo or similar. Multiple gazebos might be acceptable, space permitting. It is essential that you secure your stall against the wind. They can be secured to the crossing rail, pegged into the ground or supported with weights or sandbags. Open sides will greatly reduce the effect of the wind.

Stall Costs

Booked and paid by 30 September 2021 Booked and paid after 30 September 2021
Stalls selling goods £30 £35
Double stalls £60 £70
Stalls selling street food & drinks 15% of the take on the day

Any additional donation you would like to make would be very much appreciated and would certainly help to cover the cost of staging the event. Any surplus funds will go towards community projects.

Gas Bottles

Stallholders using gas for cooking should have a valid safety certificate, a copy of which should be sent to the organisers WHEN BOOKING, either by email via the Codsall Christmas Fair website or by post addressed to Codsall Christmas Fair c/o Maxine Baker, Codsall Parish Council, Station Road, Codsall WV8 1BY


Health & Safety regulations dictate that stalls cannot use mains electricity as there must be no electrical cables across or near public walkways. There are some very efficient and inexpensive LED lanterns and rechargeable LED strip lights widely available on the internet. We do have some LED lanterns for sale if required, price £25. Use of generators is acceptable provided that they are out of reach of the public and operated in a safe manner.


Although Christmas themed products are preferred, stallholders can sell any products they wish except for alcohol or tobacco products without the appropriate licence and legal display procedures.


The roads in the Event Area will be closed to through traffic from 2pm on the day of the event. Two weeks prior to the event, we will allocate numbered stall places and will advise you your stall location by email, together with a site plan.

Stallholders allocated to Station Road should arrive between 2.00 and 2.30pm Stallholders allocated to The Square, Wolverhampton Rd. or Wood Rd. should arrive between 2.30 and 3.00pm. The event will start at 4pm.

In order to minimise congestion, we will operate “one way” systems. All stallholders should arrive along Wolverhampton Road towards the village via the mini island.


Wolverhampton Road and Wood Road will be one way from east (the mini-island) to west (The Square) and then proceed along Wood Road to the Co-op / Charlies Bar north car park. Station Road will be one way from north side (The Square) to south side (Compton Hospice) and then proceed to the Co-op south car park.


As space is limited, please only use small vehicles. Stallholders planning to use a Transit van or similar large vehicle must notify the organisers at the time of booking giving the length and width of your vehicle.

Please make every effort to unload and move your vehicle to the car parks as quickly as possible. Marshals will provide assistance if required. All vehicles must be clear of the Event Area and stalls open for business by 4pm.


If you cannot get on to a car park, please ensure that you park responsibly. Do not obstruct driveways, bus lanes or accesses.


In view of the nature of the occasion, it would be appreciated if stallholders dressed in Christmas themed clothing.


Stalls must close by 8.00pm.
You are free to start disassembling your stalls before 8pm but vehicles will not be allowed into the Event Area until the area is free of young children. This will be at the discretion of marshals.

We will again operate two one way systems but this time in the reverse direction.

Wolverhampton Road / Wood Road stall holders will leave first. Access will be from the west side of Wood Road and proceed through The Square into Wolverhampton Road to load up and leave via the mini island.

Station Road stallholders will have vehicle access to the Event Area from the south and may be allowed access to the exit route provided there is not too much traffic congestion. This will be left to the discretion of the marshals



Please have a bin or waste bag near your stall to collect any waste, particularly if you are a food provider. Before departure, we would really appreciate it if you would collect any litter that has accumulated around your stall so the area is left as clean as possible. You may leave the bags of waste near your stall for us to collect.


Stallholders must provide evidence of their own Third Party Liability Insurance as neither the event organisers nor the Parish Council can provide any form of insurance cover for stalls, stall holders, stall holders equipment or public liability.


To reserve your space at Codsall Christmas Fair 2021, you can either complete the enquiry form online or download the form below

Downloads & Information

Download the "Advice to Stallholders & Enquiry Form" PDF
Download the "Stallholders terms & Condition" PDF

For any questions relating to the stalls or the event, contact Megan Barrow on 07702 310939 or send an email to